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Read Advocates' press releases and news advisories to learn the latest news about adolescent sexual health as well as about Advocates' programmatic and public policy work.

2014 Releases


December 4, 2014

Out of Silence Full DC Promotion


November 19, 2014

Leading Latino and Youth Organizations Launch Groundbreaking Effort to Combat Stigma and Silence Around Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues

November 19, 2014

SPEAKOUT: Over 100 Women and Allies Share Their Abortion Stories to Refocus the Debate from Political to Personal


September 29, 2014

Press Release: This is the Moment: A Call for Strong, Deliberate Action for Adolescent Girls in the Post-2015 Agenda

September 16, 2014

Press Release: Advocates for Youth’s 1 in 3 Campaign Announces Production of Groundbreaking Play


August 25, 2014

Press Release: Advocates for Youth, Feminist Majority Foundation, and Planned Parenthood Announce “Youth ShowOUT” Campaign to Engage and Mobilize Young Voters


July 10, 2014

Press Release: No Excuse for Providing Basic Health Care Coverage


June 30, 2014

Press Release: Access Denied: Supreme Court Turns a Blind Eye to Women’s Health Care Needs

June 26, 2014

Press Release: Supreme Court Thwarts “Buffer Zone” Initiative and Turns its Back on Women

June 13, 2014

Advocates for Youth Statement on the Introduction of the International Human Rights Defense Act

June 12, 2014

Youth Condom Use Deflates in New CDC Study Public Health Officials Need to Recommit to Adolescent Sexual Health


April 28, 2014

Press Release: Leading Sexual Health Organizations Release National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education

April 10, 2014

Advocates for Youth’s Statement on CDC Report on Preventing Pregnancies in Younger Teens

April 1, 2014

Engaging Youth Voices in the HIV & AIDS Response


March 24, 2014

Young People Are Watching As the Supreme Court Hears Arguments in “Religious-Right-of-Corporations” Case

March 13, 2014

Statement on HEAL for Immigrant Women & Families Act


February 27, 2014

Statement on the Veto of Arizona Senate Bill 1062

February 25, 2014

Ugandan President Museveni signed a deplorable anti-homosexuality bill into law on Monday


January 13, 2014

Advocates for Youth’s statement in regard to 2013’s “anti-homosexuality” bills

2013 Releases


December 11, 2013

Michigan Legislature Turns Its Back on the Health and Well Being of Michigan Women


November 26, 2013

Supreme Court to Take Up Contraceptive Coverage Cases


October 2, 2013

Can We Talk? This October Advocates for Youth Sponsers 'Let's Talk Month' to Encourage Parent/Child Communication About Sexual Health


July 1, 2013

Obama Administration issues final rule on contraception coverage and religious organizations


June 26, 2013

Statement from Advocates for Youth on the Supreme Court’s Historic Rulings on Same-Sex Marriage

June 19, 2013

Statement from Advocates for Youth on Nigeria's Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill

June 11, 2013

Justice and Common Sense Truly Prevail for Young Women’s Access to Emergency Contraception

June 3, 2013

Statement from Advocates for Youth on the Passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg



May 2, 2013

Statement: What Part of “Emergency” is Hard to Understand? Politics Trumps Young Women’s Access to Emergency Contraception

May 1, 2013

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month: A Call to Action



April 25, 2013
Access Denied: Peace Corps Volunteers Demand Health Equity

April 11, 2013
The Good and Bad of the President’s Budget for Young People and Their Sexual Health

April 5, 2013
Finally! Science and Common Sense Prevail for Young Women’s Access to Emergency Contraception

April 2, 2013
Press Release: Advocates for Youth Stands Firmly with Boston College Students for Sexual Health as National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day Approaches


March 25, 2013
Press Release: Advocates for Youth Pushes for First Ever National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day


February 22, 2013
Press Release: Real Education for Healthy Youth Act


January 14, 2013
Press Release: A Bold New Conversation on Abortion

January 3, 2013
Press Release: 73 Organizations Ask President Obama to Lift Restrictions on Abortion Coverage in 2014 Budget


2012 Releases


November 7, 2012
Press Release: Young People Turn Out for 2012 Election


September 10, 2012
Press Release: Can We Talk? This October Advocates for Youth Sponsors ‘Let’s Talk Month’ To Encourage Parent/Child Communication About Sexual Health


July 24, 2012
Advocates for Youth Announces National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day


March 26, 2012
Advocates for Youth Releases New Report on PEPFAR

March 16, 2012
Final Rule on Student Health Care Plans Announced


February 8, 2012
As President Obama decides his next move on birth control, historic drop in teen pregnancy rate illustrates need to expand access to contraception

February 10, 2012
White House Offers Solution on Birth Control Coverage, but the Goal Posts Have Already Moved

February 8, 2012
As President Obama Decides His Next Move on Birth Control, Historic Drop in Teen Pregnancy Rate Illustrates Need to Expand Access to Contraception


January 20, 2012
A Sigh of Relief for Young Women Across the U.S.

January 1, 2012
Leadership Transition at Advocates for Youth

2011 Releases


December 16, 2011
House Appropriations Would Decimate School-Based HIV Prevention Funding

December 15, 2011
House Attempts to Revive Failed Community-Based Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs

December 7, 2011
HHS Plays Politics with the Health of Women and Young People

November 2, 2011
Real Education for Healthy Youth Act Offers a New Vision for U.S. Sex Education Policy

July 19, 2011
Statement by James Wagoner on Institute of Medicine Report

March 11, 2011
'Let's Talk About Sex' Documentary and Campaign Take On Sexual Health Crisis


2010 Releases


December 2, 2010
Youth Health and Rights Coalition Applauds Passage of Child Marriage Prevention Legislation

July 20, 2010
States Face Choice between Failed Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs and New Comprehensive Approach

July 14, 2010
Statement by James Wagoner on the release of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy


2009 Releases


July 24, 2009
House Voted to End Funding for Ineffective Abstinence-Only Programs Eliminated in LHHS Budget Bill

July 13, 2009
Press Advisory: Activists from Advocates for Youth Join Hundreds of Young Leaders in Jobs Summit


June 1, 2009
Statement by James Wagoner on the Murder of Dr. Tiller


May 7, 2009
Failed Abstinence-Only Programs Eliminated in 2010 Budget


March 23, 2009
Advocates for Youth Applauds Court Ruling on EC Age Restriction

March 17, 2009
“REAL” Sex Education for America’s Youth
Statement by Shelby Knox On the Introduction of the REAL Act

March 11, 2009
College Activists on Front Lines in the War against HIV/AIDS and STDs

March 5, 2009
2nd Annual Mama's Hip Hop Kitchen


February 22, 2009
President Obama Moves to Rescind Dangerous Bush-Era ‘Conscience Rule’

February 12 , 2009
“Dear Mr. President”
Youth Activists Urge President Obama to “Zero Out” Funding for Abstinence-Only Programs


January 23, 2009
Statement by James Wagoner on Repeal of the Global Gag Rule

January 22, 2009
Advocates Launches Amplify – a New Youth Activist Website
Inaugural Campaign: Roe v. Wade Blog-a-thon

January 16, 2009
WANTED: Global AIDS Coordinator
Requirements: Must Have Vision and a Commitment to Young People


2008 Releases


November 5, 2008
Statement by James Wagoner on Marriage Equality

November 5, 2008
Statement by James Wagoner on the Election of Barack Obama

October 6, 2008
United States Bans Contraception for Africa: Young Women’s Lives in Jeopardy

August 4, 2008
OUR BACKYARD: United States in Need of Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

April 23 , 2008
Statement by James Wagoner on House Oversight Hearing on Abstinence-only

April 22 , 2008
Last Gasp: Abstinence-Only Proponents Attempt to Muddy the Water before Congressional Hearing on Effectiveness

March 26, 2008
New Study – Same Result! Comprehensive Sex Education Works

March 13, 2008
CDC Data Show 80 Percent Increase in HIV among Young African American Men Who Have Sex with Men

February 4, 2008
Will This President Never Learn?

January 23, 2008
Arizona 16th State to Reject Federal Abstinence-Only Program




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